Caregiving Flat-Share

Assisted Living Alternatives

Senior community placement with in-home care

If you do not want to spend your golden years living all by yourself, mecasa offers its own living communities. We organize a barrier-free apartment, find caregivers and support with housekeeping and other duties. Our concept of flat-shared living generally aims for two or more seniors living together, supported by one ore more caregivers in a joint household.

Dementia - a particular challenge

Patients suffering from dementia, as well as their relatives, often have a hard time finding a suitable caretaking environment at stationary facilities. What is more, relatives often reach the limits of their own capabilities and need support of ambulatory services. Flat-shared living fosters a structured daily routine and encourages individual strengths despite the disease. These positive effects are ensured through the presence of supportive and sensitive caregivers.

Encouraging independence and strengthening community

We encourage seniors in shared flats to engage in light household activities, such as cooking together, watering flowers, or taking care of pets. These activities will create a feeling of independence for the respective seniors and will strengthen their community. Relatives are always welcome and are invited to contribute to a friendly and familial atmosphere.